Greater Oregon TBF CLUB

TO:   TBF Oregon Members (Present & Former),

Presently, everyone who fishes TBF Oregon events is a member of the Greater Oregon TBF Bass Club (GOT).  (Click here for By Laws)

Until now, GOT has been a “paper” club that was formed to meet the TBF requirement that all state team members must be a member of a local TBF club.  Being a member of GOT allow members to fish TBF Oregon qualifier tournaments.  Now for the first time, we will begin to hold CLUB LEVEL fishing events.

The purpose is to grow the number of TBF members in Oregon and to provide a low cost tournament venue for those who are not yet ready to fish the qualifiers and to provide a venue for our experienced anglers a chance to share their knowledge with others.  We want to keep it simple and inexpensive for all.

Presently your membership fee is $60 per year to fish TBF Oregon events. Therefore if you are already fishing the qualifiers, then there is no extra membership fee.  You would only pay the tournament entry fee. 

Club Tournament Format and Info –

·       Entry fees will be $20 per boat with a 100% payback.

·       Events can be fished as a team or sole member (we encourage you to bring a partner)

·       Big Bass would pay 25% of the pot for each event

·       (4) Events will be scheduled on Sunday

GOT Membership Form (Click Here)

To reiterate: members can bring a boater or non-boater guest as long as they fish together.  Children less than 18 years of age must be family.  We want to be flexible to meet the needs of prospective new members.  As we progress though the season, we will expand the events as needed. 

GOT is already a nationally approved TBF club, no reason to create another club.  Our very simple Tournament Rules and Bylaws will be posted on the Club page here on the TBF Oregon website.

If you have questions about this, please give Gary a call at 856-313-8320. 

2017 GOT Club Events - 

Sunday April 30 - Celilo Park Ramp Columbia River Dalles Pool
(Non Permitted Event 24 Boat Limit)

Sunday May 14- Swan Island Boat Ramp Willamette River
(Non Permitted Event 24 Boat Limit)

Sunday June 18 - Hood River Marina Columbia River Bonneville Pool
(Non Permitted Event 24 Boat Limit)

Sunday July 9 - Cascade Locks Columbia River Bonneville Pool
(Non Permitted Event 24 Boat Limit)

Sunday August 13- The Dalles Marina - Columbia River Bonneville Pool
(Non Permitted Event 24 Boat Limit)

Sunday Sepember 10 - Temile Lakes - County Ramp
(Non Permitted Event 24 Boat Limit)


1.     Team Event; fish alone; bring a guest; fish with a member.

2.     100% Payout

3.     Fish Sundays

4.     GOT Tournament rules apply (Click here for Tournament Rules)

5.     No Draw, list of boaters and non-boaters to be provided.  Make your own arrangements.  Just show up in time for the meeting, pay your entry fee, and go fishing.  24 boat limit, motor banners required

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