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TBF Oregon members aid in the creation on new habitat for Hagg Lake

Members of TBF Oregon partnered with ODF&W, Oregon Bass & Panfish Club, and local volunteers helped out on February 16, 2013 to create new fish habitat for Hagg Lake. 

These cinder blocks and polyethylene tubing structures called Spider Blocks were built to create wintering habitat for bass and panfish in the lake.

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The bottom of the lake is bare and has little or no cover for wintering fish. To help improve the warm water fish populations and provide some fishing structures for anglers, this project was created about 2 years ago and is showing great success in the survival of fish over the winter.

Over 100 blocks have been planted in the lake and now there will be an additional 100 more placed in the lake to build upon the existing structures.

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Thank you to all of the volunteers that came out and helped.

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If you have any ideas for our group for habitat enhancement, or other conservation ideas,

please contact our TBF Conservation Director  - Don Randolph (See Contact information Below)

We are looking for projects in your community that involve improving warm water fisheries. If you have a project in mind, please contact our conservation director listed below:

Conservation Director - Edward Chin

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